What We Do


Spectrum uses a variety of internet-based technologies to provide our customers throughout Ontario with reliable service and continuously evolving value-added enhancements. Spectrum’s operations are managed via a proprietary internet based operations portal, allowing us to maintain process control and quality assurance. For each study, we develop a detailed and accurate deployment plan which can be updated both in the office and in the field to track usual conditions and changing circumstances. In response to a documented and confirmed customer order, Spectrum initiates the following operational procedures.

We deploy the Miovision SCOUT Video Collection Unit (VCU), consisting of a control box, a retractable pole and a camera mounted at the top of the pole (which in most cases can capture an entire intersection within the field of view of one camera). A detailed specification sheet for the SCOUT is provided here. All Spectrum equipment is clearly labelled and identified with contact information. A 1-888 number directly routes the caller to a Spectrum Supervisor staff, 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, year round. Once deployed and secured, the VCU is safe, secure and relatively inconspicuous.

Should our personnel encounter something unexpected in the field which could affect the validity of the data; the customer will be notified and the circumstances will be documented in online field notes, which provide our customers with a permanent record off all aspects of deployment.

Video captured by the video collection units is uploaded to Miovision’s proprietary analytic engine which then processes the video to produce industry standard traffic volume and vehicle classification data. In the Miovision analytic system, all the analytics are done by highly sophisticated and well-proven pattern recognition software. There is no human factor involved in the rendering of the data.

Following the completion of a post-processing quality assurance review, final summarized traffic data is produced in a variety of digital or report ready print formats according to the customer’s specification and delivered in a secure fashion through the Spectrum on-line map-based customer portal . The original video is also made conveniently available to the customer for reference on-line.