Who We Are

Spectrum Traffic Data Inc. (Spectrum) is a company co-founded in September 2012 by Robert McBride and Peter Ilias – both professional transportation engineers with years of experience consulting in private practice. The company is entirely focused on its mission to reliably provide premium-quality street traffic data collection and distribution services.

Our goal is that Spectrum becomes the acknowledged street-traffic data collection service provider of choice in Ontario by reliably acquiring consistently accurate industry-standard data and providing customers with a variety of value-added service enhancements.

Spectrum offers its customers a wide range of the street traffic data collection studies including:

  • Intersection Turning Movement Counts and Vehicle Classification
  • Roundabout Counts
  • Gap and Saturation Flow Studies
  • Trip Generation Studies
  • Travel Time Studies
  • Origin / Destination and Route Determination Studies

To reliably and efficiently provide accurate traffic data to its customers, Spectrum has opted to extensively employ the Miovision Technologies Inc. (Miovision) automated computer-based video analytics solution because of its cost-effectiveness and the verifiably-accurate traffic data it generates. Miovision is a successful rapidly-growing company founded in 2004 and based in Kitchener, Ontario which has developed world-leading technology for the collection of road traffic data. Miovision provide automated video analytics for street traffic data collection in over 40 countries around the world.

Understanding the demanding standards of professional transportation engineers, Spectrum strives to deliver a high level of customer satisfaction. It should be emphasized that Spectrum staff are not low paid casual labourers. Our personnel do not “count cars”. Rather, our personnel are highly trained technicians whose responsibility it is to address customer data specifications through the efficient and precise deployment our fleet of Miovision video collection units.